Tips for Healthy Aging for Women

We get older every year. That’s just a part of life. Staying active and healthy ensures that you’ll feel your best at any age. What can you do to age healthily?  Here are a few tips for keeping yourself healthy and active.

Get moving.

We’ve all heard that exercise helps us live longer and feel better.  The best way to work regular exercise into your schedule is to pick an activity that you enjoy so you’ll stick with it.  A daily walk, a yoga class, or doing some gardening can all make a difference. You can add more movement to your ordinary routine by things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking in the farthest parking space.

Eat smart.  

Small changes like choosing leaner proteins (chicken or fish) and whole grains, adding fruits and vegetables to each meal, and drinking water instead of sugary soda can make a big difference in how you feel.

Make room for some “Me Time.” 

Be sure to allocate some time for activities that nourish your spirit and help you get rid of stress.  There’s more to life than errands and chores.  Use a laundry service to free up some of that chore time for meditation, exercise, knitting, reading, or whatever refreshes you.

Pay attention to your health. 

Don’t forget to schedule your annual checkup and screenings as recommended by your physician.  Aging and stress can increase your need for some vitamins and minerals, so consider getting vitamins and supplements from your local pharmacy.

Life can get even busier when you add caring for aging parents or a disabled family member to your responsibilities.  Consider hiring a homecare aide to help with your caregiving responsibilities if you need a respite in order to stay healthy yourself.


Time-Saving Tips for the Family Caregiver

Too busy even to pick up your prescription at the local pharmacy? Life gets busy when you add caring for an aging parent or loved one to your full time job, especially when you still have kids at home who need you. Effective time management is the key. Here are a few tips for saving time and getting the important things done.

woman tired of housework
  • A little planning can save time. Identify what tasks need to be done and prioritize them. Make a to-do list and a schedule, either on paper or using one of the many smart-phone apps. Note trips or tasks that can be combined.
  • Organize medications so you know when to get more before you run out. Your community pharmacy can work with you to coordinate the prescription refill schedule to reduce trips to pick up medications. Ask if they offer prescription delivery. Some pharmacies will even set up personalized pill sorter boxes for their customers — a big time saver if either you or your parent takes a lot of medications.
  • Share the care-giving responsibility if you can. Hire a home health aide to provide respite care to take some of the pressure off of you.
  • Cross wash day right off your list with a laundry pickup service. Your local dry cleaner may offer eco-friendly drycleaning pickup and delivery as well.
  • Simplify meal preparation. Make a bunch of easy meals at a time and freeze them or use a meal kit subscription service. Use a grocery shopping and delivery app to help you track both the items you need and the items your parent needs. Look into other shopping and delivery services too. Nowadays you can get practically anything delivered to your door.
  • Use an online bill pay service or app and if you have access to your parent’s bank account, set it up for them too.

These time-saving tips allow you to spend more time with your loved one, which in turn can save time for you, too!

Caring for an Aging Parent

Is your aging parent starting to need help with some of the everyday tasks at home? A change in functioning doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to move to assisted living or a nursing home. Sometimes all they need is a little help with chores or some extra support so they can continue to live in their home.  Start by asking your loved one what they need help with, discuss your concerns with them, and coordinate with their primary care doctor. That way they’ll still feel like they’re in charge and you’ll get a good feel for what is really needed to keep them safe, comfortable, and happy.
Maybe a few modifications to the home, such as grab bars for the shower or a stair lift can make things safer for them and reduce the worry for you.
Maybe you can stop by once a week to do yard work or household chores and prepare some meals for them.  If they have difficulty with bathing or dressing, you could stop by once a day to help. However, don’t be afraid to get some extra care giving help.  Here are some ideas:

  • Use a laundry pickup and delivery service to take laundry day right off the chore list.
  • Set up a reminder schedule for medications using specially designed pill boxes or high-tech reminder devices.
  • To save time picking up the medications, choose a local pharmacy that offers prescription delivery service.
  • Hire a home health aide who can help with some of the household chores and meal preparation as well as some of the personal care tasks and medication reminders.
  • Use a grocery delivery or meal delivery service.
  • Take advantage of programs and services at the local senior center, especially for socialization and exercise.

For busy professionals living in cities like Boston, caring for an aging parent can be overwhelming. Don’t sweat it out all by yourself. A little extra help here and there can make all the difference in your quality of life, as well as your parent’s!

Why Shop Local?

When you shop at your local pharmacy or drycleaner, you’re not only building relationships but also strengthening the fabric of your entire community. Local business owners know you, and you know them.

When you see someone frequently at the coffee shop, dry cleaner, or hardware store, you build relationships with people who have similar needs and interests. Shopping at local businesses connects neighbors with each other. It’s social networking without the screen!

Photo by Kaique Rocha from Pexels

You get better customer service when you shop local. When you fill a prescription at a community pharmacy you are likely to be served by the owner or a long-time employee who knows your medical history and medication needs. Many local pharmacies also offer specialties such as compounded medications. A local laundry service or dress shop knows your preferences so you get more personalized service.

Local businesses are more likely to donate to community events, local non-profits, and sports teams. Studies have shown that they do so at over twice the rate of large chains. This kind of participation brings the community closer together.

Did you know that each dollar you spend at a local independent business can bring as much as $3.50 into the local economy? Local businesses are customers of local ad agencies, insurance brokers, accountants, printers, lawyers and other services and often buy locally-made goods too. This creates opportunities for entrepreneurs to start more local businesses.

Some studies have reported that local businesses employ more people directly per dollar of revenue than national chains thus creating higher-paying jobs for your neighbors. But it’s not just the jobs at the independent pharmacy, the laundry pickup service, or the boutique that get created. As the local economy strengthens, you’re helping create jobs for firefighters, police officers, teachers, and other public service employees as well!

Author: The WSI Touch is a digital marketing agency serving small and medium-sized businesses in Boston, Massachusetts.

Preparing Clothes for Dry Cleaning

Do you want the best results from your dry cleaner? Take a few minutes to prepare your clothes before bringing to the dry cleaner. A little preparation before sending your laundry to the dry cleaner helps make sure you get satisfactory results.  Here are a few tips for preparing your clothes for the dry cleaner.

​Read the Care Tags

Make sure you send the right clothes to the cleaner. Their tags will tell you whether or not an item can be dry cleaned. If the label says “machine wash or dry clean” or “dry clean only,” you’re good to go. Notice whether items have any additional special instructions for handling, and separate them from the rest so the dry cleaner can easily identify clothing that requires special care.

​Empty the Pockets

We all accumulate things in our pockets: pens, gum, makeup, and even small toys.  Things like lipstick, gum, and ink pens can damage clothes if you leave them in the pockets. Cleaners do check clothes before cleaning, but it’s easy to miss something. Be kind to your dry cleaner and empty the pockets.

​Mark Stains

Make sure that stains can be easily identified.  Put a bit of masking tape around or on the stain so the cleaners can find it easily. You can also mark it with a safety pin and a piece of paper.  Be sure to let the cleaners know what caused the stain so they can choose the appropriate method for that type of stain.
Get the item to the dry cleaners as soon as possible after the stain occurred.

​Check for Worn or Weak Areas

Let your dry cleaner know about any loose buttons, broken zippers, or other wear and tear so they can take special care of those areas.
Preparing your clothes properly for the dry cleaner will  help you look your best in clean clothes!

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