How to Repurpose the Clothes in Your Closet

The New Year is right around the corner, so it’s time to unclutter your life. When was the last time you cleaned out your closet? Are there clothes that need washing, or even professional cleaning by a dry cleaner? Put them in a pile and if there are a lot of clothes that need cleaning, it is wise to use a laundry delivery service.

It’s a great idea to donate the clothes you no longer wear, but what about those pieces that aren’t quite in shape to donate? Or the pieces you want to hold onto but aren’t sure how to use them? Read on for some ideas on how to repurpose the clothes in your closet.

Woman picking clothes in her closet

A T-Shirt Quilt

Have lots of old band or travel t-shirts sitting around? A t-shirt quilt is a super cute way to preserve your memories while repurposing those old shirts. If you’re not the crafty type, don’t worry. There are several different companies and services that do this sort of thing for you or, ask around for local artisans.

Turn Long Sleeve Shirts into Wrap Skirts

Most dress shirts last 6 months to a year, whether you use a shirt laundry service or not. Cotton shirts lose their shape after a while, but there’s no need to throw them out. By wearing the torso portion of the shirt and wrapping the sleeves around your waist into a bow in the front, you’ve got a comfortable wrap skirt you can wear over leggings or on its own. This works for solid colored shirts of course, but prints are even better!

Turn Tees into Cardigans

Have some old tees that are a bit too tight but you’d love to hang on to them? Turn them into cardigans! This awesome hack lets you hold on to your favorite old tees while repurposing them into your current wardrobe. And you don’t even need to know how to sew! Using a pair of scissors, simply cut a line straight down the middle of the tee. Then use hem tape, which you can find at any craft store, to straighten the cut edges. If I want to add buttons or fastens, I can simply ask the expert tailor at the Boston dry cleaner near me to do it for a small charge.

So time to go through your laundry piles and clean out that closet! After gathering up donations for your local organization or shelter, try some of these fun ideas to repurpose your clothes.